Chemical Analysis

The Chemical Analysis of foods and beverages includes both the quality control monitoring of finished products, as well as Nutritional Analysis for labelling and regulatory purposes.

We are able to provide finished camera-ready nutritional labels, based on the chemical analysis of a product, as well as provide the data and advice needed to comply with specific nutritional regulations.

Some of our Basic Chemical Tests are given below.


1-Allergen Testing
4-Moisture-Water Activity
5-Salt Content
6-Core Nutritional Package: (fat, protein, carbohydrate, moisture, ash and calories)
7-Total Fat
8-Fatty Acid Profile (saturated-mono-poly with trans-fat): can add (Omega3,6)
11-Dietary Fibre (broken down into soluble and insoluble fibre if requested)
12-Sugar Profile (Total Sugars: all mono and disaccharides)
13-Mineral Analysis ( ie: Na, K, Ca, Fe ... etc )
14-Vitamins (A, all B's, C, D, E)
15-Sulphites (Monier-Williams, given as SO2 from added sulfites)
16-Nitrates/Nitrites (as per added nitrites for preservation of meats)
17-Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (commonly used preservatives)
18-Amino Acid Profiles
19-Enzyme Assays (specifically for lactase activity)
20-Caffeine (GC or titration method)
21-Mandatory Nutritional Labelling (the "Nutrition Facts Panel") for either Canada or the US is offered in a comprehensive package.
23-Residual Chlorine and Total Chlorine
25-Lactose %

Database Analysis of Food for the "Nutrition Facts Panel"

Using a state-of-the-art software package, incorporating an extensive USDA food database, Gelda Scientific is able to calculate the nutritional parameters for many food items. We require a complete ingredient list for each food, as well as the percent-by-weight of each ingredient. Some food items lend themselves to this database approach while others are often too complex to calculate accurately.

Database work can provide you with a final accurate label, for a fraction of the cost of performing the actual chemical analysis. In some instances we will use combination of data base and chemical analysis. Our food scientists can assist you in determining if database analysis will work for you, and what information is required.

For other tests not listed above please contact:

Damien Boyd
Tel: 905 673.9320 ext: 228 / Toll Free: 866 673.9320
Fax:905 673.8114